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Fako County

The Wovea are an ethnic group native to coastal areas of the Fako division of the Southwest Province of Cameroon. The Wovea are one of the ethnic groups that comprise the Sawa, or Cameroonian coastal peoples.

Momo County

There are two principal ethnicities in Momo County, namely Widikum and Bororos or Mbororo (a subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group).

Momo County is composed mostly of the Widikum ethnic group. Widikum ethnicity is one of the largest in Ambazonia covering Momo, parts of Mezam, parts of Menchum (Befang) and parts of eastern Manyu (Nyeneba). The Widikums include Moghamo, Menemo or Meta, Widikum Atteh, Azem, Menka, Ambelle, Ngie and Ngwaw. The larger of the clans is the Moghamo that has 22 villages whose descendants are known to be the offspring of Tembenka and Akumaka. Their origin is Bantu. The original homeland of the Bantu community of people is believed to have been Ambazonia/Cameroun.  The history dates about 4000 years ago and it is this time when the community dispersed.

Boyo County

There are 9 ethnic groups within the Fundong municipality namely Kom, Hausa, Mbororo, Fulani, Banso, Bayangi, Bali, Ngie and Bum. Amongst these ethnic groups, the Kom people constitute the highest number.

Bui County

Nkum council is made up almost entirely of Nso people who are descendants of Ngonso,a princess of Rifem. In pursuit of her brothers Nchare and Nfoombam,Ngonso left Rifem and wandered with her followers to Ndzennso.

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